Curved-Roof Studio Sunroom

No matter what your home improvement project is, we're here to provide you high performance room additions.

Looking for a screened-in porch or deck enclosure? Our solid-roof aluminum studio and cathedral rooms can easily be outfitted with screens instead of glass. And even better... If you decide at a later time you'd like to enjoy your room for extended seasons, the screens can be swapped out for double-pane glass, converting your screen room into a room you can enjoy whether it's spring, summer, or fall!

Need windows?  Contact us for everything from affordable double-pane fiberglass replacement windows to our easy-install Windsulator storm windows!  We're here to serve you!  Call us now at:  248-880-7896 to speak to your home expert and schedule a free consultation!

These gorgeous rooms offer so many choices for the consumer.  Whether you want a glass roof or shingled roof, with lots of openness, this is the choice for you!

These structures can be built on a deck or a concrete foundation.  You have your choice of adding a knee wall to give your room the aura of being a natural room addition to your home, or to choose an all glass structure, allowing you to take advantage of everything the outdoors has to offer.

Although these rooms offer a dramatic use of light and space, they are energy-efficient and allow year-round recreation!

Conservatories / Solariums 

These beautiful, energy efficient conservatories and solariums come in a maintenance-free white aluminum exterior, with your choice of aluminum or wood interiors.  

You can choose between sliding glass doors, french in-swing and out-swing doors, or no doors, and an array of window choices.  

These rooms come in a 'rounded' Victorian style or 'squared' Georgian style, and are sure to add luxury and elegance to your home!

Studio-style rooms feature your choice of an all-glass roof or solid roof in a single straight slope, which will be tied in to your existing roof to match as closely as possible.

The aluminum models come in your choice of white, sandtone, or bronze interiors and exteriors.  The composite models come in white, almond, or clay.  The pine wood rooms come with wood interiors and your choice of white or bronze aluminum exteriors.  The engineered aluminum-frame rooms include vinyl-filled panels, and vinyl-insulated double-pane windows. All models come with double-pane windows that can also be upgraded to Low-E glass.

Wall modules on aluminum units are available in 3', 4' and 5' sections.

Cathedral Roof Sunroom

Straight-Roof Studio Sunroom

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What better way to enjoy your pool or hot tub year round?  Enclose it!

With an array of beautiful architectural styles to choose from, enclosing your pool or hot tub will afford you year-round usability!  

Say "goodbye" to closing the pool down for Winter!  Say "goodbye"  to scooping out unwanted leaves and bugs!  Say, "HELLO" to being able to simply relax and enjoy without the added maintenance associated with outdoor pools and hot tubs.

Pool  & Hot Tub Enclosures

For the horticulture-inclined, these affordable structures are sure to bring your green thumb dreams to life year-round!

Offering durability as well as pleasing aesthetics, these cost-effective structures are sure to make you one with the outdoors.


Screened-In Porches, Deck Enclosures, Windows (& Installation) and More...

These curved glass enclosures compliment ranch and other lower-roof style lines.  With their sleek and airy frames, they add that 'outdoorsy' feel to your home.  These structures come in your choice of contemporary aluminum, or white pine wood beams. The aluminum sunrooms come in white, sandtone, or bronze interiors and exteriors. Pine wood exterior sunrooms come in white or bronze exteriors, with wood interiors.

These structures feature efficient all-glass roofs, and come with top-of-the-line windows, which provide energy efficiency you won't find anywhere else.

Stop "weathering" the seasons and Michigan's extreme temperatures.  Go from surviving to thriving and enjoy all that nature has to offer by adding a authentic look curved roof solarium!